What is ownship in rust? In the first place, ownship is the core function of rust. In the point of managing memory, some language use garbage collection, the other language let programmer to handle the memory by their own. However, in rust the approach is that memory is managed through a system of ownership with a set of rules that the compiler checks. If any of the rules are violated, the program won’t compile.


Control interrupts It is limitted. Load/Store It is not correct. It is not efficient. Spin Lock It’s much easy to assume to a little hardware support. Test-and-Set 1 2 3 4 5 int TestAndSet(int *old_ptr, int new) { int old = *old_ptr; *old_ptr = new; return old; } Spin locks work well in on mutiple CPUs. However, it behaves bad on concurency. Compare-And-Swap 1 2 3 void lock(lock_t *lock) { while(CompareAndSwap(&lock->flag, 0, 1) == 1); } Load-Linked and Store-Conditional if no interventing store to the address has taken place.


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